Gathering Strength

I wrote a post five years ago with this theme. Here it is again with some additions;

‘The decision to leave the EU brought a deep shock to many in the UK. Now is the time to regroup, to look at past mistakes and to plan for a fairer world where the old, the poor, the
disabled and all in need are cared for. Respect for others points of view is essential but if we all had that then the vitriol of the press would not occur and that would help all of us.’

So what has happened since then? Is our world a fairer one and do we respect others more? Does the press do better or have they got worse?

‘Our land is at threat by fracking and major road and rail building which will go through ancient woodlands and nature reserves. It can take many years for these to recover properly
and it is important that we try to stop the desecration of our land. Recent research has proved that spending time in nature can keep you healthy in mind, body and spirit. Think about this.’

This is still going on and many wonderful trees have been felled. Fracking was stopped but might appear again on the agenda as the war in Ukraine continues.

‘We also need a fairer voting system too. Over hundreds of years those at the bottom of the heap have fought for improvements in their lives. It has taken until after the Second World War to develop some of the things we should treasure like the NHS. Are we moving backwards to the years of Lords and serfs? Or can we stand united to get what is needed for all of us, not just here but in other parts of the world.’

No change here I think.

‘I have been watching the VE commemoration events. I remember the war vaguely. I was 4 when it ended. I remember the deprivation caused by rationing and the derelict areas where bombs had fallen. Many lost their lives in the war so we could have freedom, justice and peace. Are you ready to fight now for a fairer world? Reflect and think about what you can
do. Stand up and be counted!’

A few years after this blog was written and we are now celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen’s reign. Have your or your views changed over the last five years? Are you still ready to fight for a better world? We all need to stand up for what is right, for peace and respect for all. We need to shine out our light and radiate peace and love at all times. Can you do this?

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