The conversation goes a bit like this. ‘Do you realise that we need clean air to breathe?’ Response ‘Of course I do’. ‘So why do you have a very large car that runs on diesel when you don’t need such a large car?’ ‘It doesn’t really apply to me does it, after all I am only one car and what difference would it make if I had a smaller car or used public transport?’ No-one I speak to seems to understand that we all have to change our ways, every one of us. It is the same with flying abroad for a holiday.We can do it so why not?

During the first weeks of the when we were ‘locked down’ and had to stay indoors except for essential journeys, the air around us became cleaner and the sky too seemed brighter without all the chemtrails running across it. If you stepped outside for some fresh air that is what you got, much cleaner fresh air with not fuel smells. Surely that must have told us something. But now we are back to normal, far too many cars, some of which are ‘souped up’ and patrol our streets bringing noise pollution as well. And the skies are full again and people struggling in long queues to get on planes and ferries to go abroad for a holiday. It seems that no-one is learning lessons here and that the future for us and our planet is of no concern either.

It is the same with all the conflicts in our world. Unless it is actually on the doorstep no-one seems to care. I thought that being human meant we cared about others as well as looking after ourselves and that we helped those who were less fortunate and had compassion for them. We are all one, all part of the same universe and human race. We are all connected in many ways and we need to find that connection and share love , compassion and peace so that we have a future to look forward to.

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