Another new year!

Happy New Year to all my readers!

I and many others are hoping that this year is better than the last couple of years. But it is up to us to make it better. One thing I have learned is that I must read between the lines and discern what is the truth. The press and media forums distort the truth on a regular basis and if you post anything which they consider to be divisive your post is removed.

So what about this new year? What can we do to make sure it is a good year for us and for others? I feel that we must look around the world in general and see where help is needed. Then we need to look at the reasons why this help is needed. This is where finding out the truth is important. You can listen to your heart which will always give you the truth and you can research, and read what others say before deciding what is the truth.

There is so much to do to make our world better for us all. There is the environment to consider and what we can do to help. I live on a main road and the air pollution and noise pollution is high. You don’t really want to open the window as the air you let in is not good for you. One of the things I have found about public transport is that if you don’t use it you lose it and that benefits nobody. So think about this carefully before you buy a new car and think about what you will do when you can no longer drive and want to get out and about.

Also we can look at the food we eat. Where has it come from for example and how is it grown or bred? The same applies to clothes.

But on a different level, you need to find compassion for others, respect for others especially family and friends even if you disagree about certain things. As our earth as we know it crumbles around us we will need our family and friends even more. We can already see changes in some parts of the world as governments fall apart and our planet wages its own war with fire, earthquakes, huge storms and volcanic eruptions.

Change is certain to happen and some will be huge changes. Be ready for these. People have fought for centuries for things they wanted, like voting and being free to speak their thoughts. Don’t let these disappear now when they are needed more than ever. Think in a critical manner, listen to your heart and make right decisions. Know that we are all one, whatever colour or creed. We are humans, a large tribe of humans.

Whatever you do, remember that love, peace, compassion and respect are all good and should be a big part of our lives. Stay strong and let your light shine. You could be the lighthouse in a storm saving others from death or injury.

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