Learning lessons

Over the centuries, many things have changed. However wars and unrest still continue. Pandemics and outbreaks of nasty diseases also come back again and again. All of these things bring lessons for us to learn. One example that sticks in my mind was the cholera epidemic in the 1800s. It was discovered that water was to blame and contaminated wells so a lot changed with the water supply so it became safer. This was one case where a lesson was learned.

I look around me at the lives of people all over the world. There are far too many living in poverty because of war or civil unrest and a lack of basic amenities such as water. Then there are the others who live in large mansions and have everything they need and more but who do not often seem to see what goes on around them.

Over the last couple of years we have learned that washing our hands is good for us. It is easy to do this in our world but what of those in countries where water is scarce? How do they keep their hands and bodies clean? The richer countries also seem to get the best medications while the poorer ones have to do without and consequently become ill and even die.

I have always felt that the current situation is here to give us a lesson. We need to look at how we live. We need to go back to the old ways of washing and cleaning. They worked and kept us safe during the war and other difficult times. We have let ourselves become complacent about germs and diseases and think that anti bacterial wipes are best but these stop us from becoming immune to nasty stuff. As a child we played in the dirt making mud pies. It did not harm us. The children of today do not do this, they are glued to their phones and play stations.

But the situation continues as nobody seems to have learned any lessons. They understand that the world must change but are not prepared to change themselves and the way they live. As the permafrost melts more ancient germs will be released into the atmosphere. Are you ready for these? How is your immune system doing?

War makes people homeless and then we have a refugee crisis. Why are we still going to war? What do we think it will achieve? Do we not care about anyone else? And so it goes on and on and we never seem to learn any lessons and change our ways.

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