Making ripples

Have you ever thrown a stone into a pond or river and watched the ripples spread out? They go on for ages and ages. I find watching these is a wonderful way to think about how we live our lives. The ripples affect everything they come into contact with and we never know what that effect will be. I send out balls of energy filled with love, peace and harmony, out into the world each week. These hopefully have a ripple effect and a good one.

The future is uncertain and we need to trust, to have faith and believe that things can change for the better. But there is another side to ripples. What happens when hate is sent out or anger? Does this also a have a ripple effect? If so then there is definitely a need for lots of change.

I live in a small sheltered housing community and it is noticeable how what one person says about a certain event, changes as the comment is passed on to others. A bit like Chinese whispers. This could also be called a ripple effect in some cases. As the comment is passed on more people worry about what is said so for me this is a ripple effect.

So thinking about what you say is also very good. Engage brain before opening your mouth is a good motto especially for those who speak without thought. I can see how words have changed peoples actions over time and have made people fearful too. I try to think carefully before I engage in some conversations to make sure I don’t upset somebody. But there are people around who need to have their perceptions of what life is about changed so that they become more aware of what is going on and how to deal with it.

So when you say something good let your words act like the stone in the pond and send out ripples of goodness. We all need good in our lives and love and peace. Let your words go out into the world and ripple all the way through it. Maybe we can make a difference.

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