Stop for a moment and breathe deeply

Looking around me I see people rushing around trying to get this or that before there is none left. This just makes things worse so stop, stand quietly and breathe deeply. All is well and there is enough for us all. Standing still and quiet allows you to connect with the earth beneath your feet. Connecting to Mother Earth is important and many have lost that connection. That connection allows you to feel safe and at one with the earth, our planet and enables you to think positively and take stock of what you are doing.

There is always more to a situation that you think. If you stand back and look at the whole picture then you can see what is really going on. This is very important in today’s world. We all need to understand how everything is connected and that one person is not responsible for the chaos around us. It is a combination of things which we have brought upon ourselves by not thinking or listening to what is really out there and happening in our world.

Mother Nature is bringing more chaos as volcanoes erupt , fires burn over large areas and earthquakes happen. And if we don’t change our ways, things will just get worse.

My eyesight is not very good this morning so this blog post is rather short but I hope the message is there. Stop, breathe and think before doing anything so that you make the right decision.

1 thought on “Stop for a moment and breathe deeply

  1. I like to always keep in mind the 7 generations principle of decision making Does this decision and action honor the 7 generations prior and will it benefit the 7 generations who follow. I believe this idea is specifically attributed to the Iroquois, but I think it find a home with all indigenous people. Wonderful posts! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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