Autumn Equinox thoughts

It is that time of the year, equal day and night and now the hours of daylight get smaller as the hours of darkness increase. Outside in the woods there is a noticeable change as the leaves fall from the trees and turn various hues of yellow, red and brown The mornings are cooler too but there is still a lot of warmth in the sun. There are still a few butterflies and dragonflies around but not so many.

But there are changes ahead and the events of the last couple of years are leading to shortages of food, clothing and petrol as well as other things. The pandemic left us with a lot of changes some of which are not very good. But how do we deal with shortages of items we need? Well, many people just panic buy and when the rest of us go shopping there is nothing left even though there was originally enough for all of us. The same is happening with petrol as people not only fill up their tanks but fill cans as well leaving none for those whose car use is essential. The media does not help as they scare monger. As soon as they say something will be scarce, people chase off to grab all they can see of that particular item. They do not consider anyone else. Our society can be very selfish at times making sure they have what they want and never mind anyone else.

I have noticed that when I go shopping nowadays, I can never get all the items I would like and sometimes I cannot get those items I actually need. Has the concept of sharing disappeared? Do we think we are more important than anyone else? I do not have a car and rely on a volunteer car service and my son to get shopping and go to the dentist. I have another dentist appointment early next month so hope my volunteer car service are still available.

So overall my thoughts are not exactly cheerful at this moment in time. I accept changes as I must but I do hope that we get to see a better world during the few years I have left on this planet. There needs to be a change in perception of what life should be like and how we live.

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