Love and truth

Love is a very popular word. We love your hair, your clothes, food, car and so on. But is the word being overused and do we really mean something else. Love is important where friends and family are concerned and there are different kinds of love within the family and friends circle. Maternal love for our children is a different kind of love than we have for our parents and our partners.

We use the word love often when talking about things we like doing. I love to walk amongst the trees is a good example of this. I love to paint, to draw, to sew, to make things, to ride a bike and so on. Do we really mean we love these things or are we using the word love for a word such as enjoy or like?

For me love is something that represents a deep emotion of caring for someone or something. I love my children and my friends but I also have a deep love for our land and everything that lives on it. I generally hesitate to say ‘I love that’ about something such as a dress, a hair do or a car. I prefer to use the word like for those kind of things.

But that brings me to another word that is often misused, truth. I tried to find a good definition of the word truth and was not really happy with any of them. Truth is important though to all of us as a society and to all of us as individuals.There are different kinds of truth; historic truth is about something that actually happened, but truth today is often opposed . Some facts or beliefs are accepted as true even if there is no proof. But other true facts are often opposed and considered to be lies.

It is important to be honest and truthful. Honesty allows you to have a fulfilling life. It’s also about being true to yourself and not pretending to be someone else. There is nothing wrong with being who you really are and avoiding changing at times to suit others. Truth, honesty and love go together in my mind and are extremely important in my life.

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