Some Random Thoughts

Summer is here again, very hot and sticky weather, thunderstorms, torrential rain and some dull cloudy days. Typical British weather and typical of the British we also complain about the weather. It is too hot, too cold, too windy and so on. It seems as if we are never satisfied.

So today is one of those dull cloudy days with a drizzling of rain. But the rain is good for the garden and enables the plants to grow and also means I don’t have to carry a watering can around to water the flowers.

I lay in bed this morning thinking yet again about choices. As I am retired and live alone I can do what I want when I want so if I wanted to I could stay in bed all day and do nothing. But that is not the kind of person I am. I am a get up and go type of person although I do take time out to relax. But it is my choice to get up, what to have for my breakfast and what to do with the rest of the day. It is my choice to write this blog, to do the filing later and to enjoy reading a new book and the latest family history magazine.

Obviously when I have appointments with the dentist and the osteopath my choices are defined but I also make a choice to go and visit these people. Life is all about choices. The choices we make, define us at that point in time. Some choices we make might be good ones while others may not be as good but we make these choices and they give us our path to follow.

Many years ago now I chose to follow a druidic path with a dash of Native American ideas within it. I chose to learn about Reiki and other stuff such as astrology and numerology. These choices have defined my life ever since and I still make choices about what else to learn about, what to read about and whether to become more involved in some of these things. I believe that we learn something new each day in one way or another and that does seem true. Recently I have learned more about insects and also learned more about how vaccines are produced. I have a thirst for knowledge of one kind or another. I think that is a very good thing but others might not agree with me. There is a saying something like better the devil you know than the one you don’t know. So I learn as much as I can about things that interest me even if that interest does not last long. I don’t think I’m unique in this but I do get funny looks sometimes!

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