Equinox, Spring and the census

What a busy weekend this has been and a busy week as well. But the Equinox has passed and the days will get warmer and lighter. I love this time of the year as Spring shows its head among the grasses and trees. The catkins are doing well and the blackthorn blossom is stunning and it is noticeably warmer when the sun is out.

The UK census came today as well. I filled mine in yesterday but won’t be around to see what everyone else has written. As a family historian I love the census and am waiting for the 1921 census to come on-line next year. The census is a snapshot of life at one point in every ten years and we can see how life has changed for everybody. For many this last year has changed their lives dramatically and their lives may never be the same again.

But back to Spring. I was lucky this week to get my first walk in my new area. My son and I went to a nearby village where there is a nature reserve around a large lake. It was muddy and there was the occasional spot of rain but it was wonderful to be out in nature again after a gap of several weeks. There was so much to see, flowers, catkins, birds of various kinds and to just enjoy the scenery. It was peaceful too and I found myself being refreshed on all levels. There are many lakes in this area, old gravel pits but there are still working gravel pits as well. It is also an area of great archaeological interest too. I am looking forward to more forays out there when permitted by the restrictions.

There is much to look forward to despite the current situation and looking forward and being positive is important to our health. Stay safe and enjoy the wonder of Springtime.

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