A new place

I moved house in Wednesday so I am in a new place where there are new people, new shops, and a new garden area. As usual there have been a few hiccups on the way as things seem lost although packed with care and boxes are too heavy for me to handle. But I have found a shop across the road where I get my daily newspaper which means I walk outside in the fresh air and also up and down the stairs if I wish to do so. I have found other new shops and new people in the housing complex where I now live. There is a stream at the bottom of the garden area and I have already seen lots of birds and squirrels. I hope to spend time in the summer sitting on one of the many wooden benches and watching for butterflies and dragonflies. I am sure there will be plenty.

And when we are able to get out and about more then I have a huge lake area not far away with several nature reserves close by as well. The bus stops outside my home so I will be able to get to other places as well.

There have been several good moments to but these are private and not for public viewing but my friends are still giving me support for what I am doing even though they are now further away. It will take at least another 2 weeks before I feel as if everything is unpacked and in its place but I am being patient and doing other things too.

A new home,
A new sky,
A new landscape,
And new friends.
There is a lot to look forward to.

I feel inspired by all this,
I will write more,
I will play music more,
I will learn more
And I will just be.

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