Knowledge and understanding

These two words, knowledge and understanding have been on my mind quite a lot during the week. So what is knowledge? Knowledge is about facts, information, skills etc., that have been acquired through education or experience and it is also about being aware of things. Anybody can learn a load of facts by reading or searching the internet but facts alone don’t really mean much at all. Understanding where those facts came from and how they were made is important.

I am a great reader and I am always searching for books to read, many fiction ones but also a lot of non-fiction where I can learn about different places and things. I love to know why people made new machinery or discovered new places to visit. I want to know how things are made and how they are used. I might admire a painting but I want to know why the artist painted that particular landscape or portrait. So for me knowledge and understanding go together.

Knowledge and understanding both appear in the Druids Prayer and with them comes the word justice, but I’ll save justice for another time. But there is a different kind of knowledge that we have, an inner knowledge or knowing when things are right or wrong. Some months ago I was asked a question and I answered but was then asked how did I know. I just know was my response. Deep inside there is another form of knowledge which may come from the past or from other sources as yet unknown.

For many years I knew about auras and how they could be sensed and seen but it is only recently in terms of science, that this kind of thing is becoming fully understood. I always knew about the effect of different colours on my feelings but science took time to work that out. Sometimes I feel that science is now confirming much of what I have known for years but where did my knowledge come from? It came from this inner knowing. What are your thoughts on inner knowing?

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