Looking back in time

The clocks have changed here in the UK and the nights are longer and the hours of daylight shorter. For druids this is the time when we think about our ancestors, honour them and remember them. This year I shall also be remembering many others; those who gave their lives in wartime and those who have died all over the world through the pandemic.

As I do a lot of family history research I am very familiar with my ancestors and those of others who I have helped with their family history. I have spent a lot of time looking back at how my ancestors lived through times of war, times of civil unrest and times of poverty. The ancestors all had one thing in common, they were strong and were survivors working hard to survive in a world where much was unknown.

Its a bit like times today of course where the future is unknown due to the pandemic and we can learn from our ancestors and draw on their strength. I look back at my parents and grandparents and see how strong they were living their lives as best they could through two world wars and an economic depression. Further back it was much the same, the women tending to live longer too.

One thing I find is good to think about, is the fact that I inherit a lot from them as well as also taking on board their things that need healing. Current research shows that we carry with us not just the genetic stuff but the emotional stuff too. So I not only honour my ancestors but I try to heal those distant emotional things that need healing too.

So when you honour your ancestors think about what they have given you and what you can do to help heal those things from the past. Also think about how they managed working long hours with no convenient microwaves and technology that we take for granted today. But remember they survived when many of us give up.

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