Stop and look

This follows on from last week. It is getting a bit like a diary! Most people go for a walk at some point during their week but many just walk often with their heads down or eyes glued to their phone. But what wonderful things they miss. But looking can start nearer home in the garden or grass verges if you don’t have a garden. I would not have known I had a visiting hedgehog if I had not looked at the garden area and seen hedgehog poop. He or she now visits every night to eat the food left out for him or her.

Out with my son on Thursday, me on my mobility scooter and he walking as normal, we went to the local country park. Going past a clump of trees we could see a dragonfly on the tree trunk basking in the sun. Then later on another dragonfly on a post. From that point we went down to an area where we have seen dragonflies before and there were three large ones flying around. We stopped and waited for one to land so we could take a photo. Two young women came by with a pushchair and looked at us as if to ask what we were doing. I pointed out the dragonflies overhead and they too stopped to watch the aerial display going on above their heads. We saw several more dragonflies on the way back and quite a few wild flowers still blooming despite the colder weather. The trees were starting to change colour but the vibrant golds and browns had still not appeared until we reached two copper beeches at the end of my road. They were a beautiful vibrant red .

The following day a friend came for a quick visit and expressed an interest in fungi. I took her into the garden where I knew there were lots of different fungi. We found at least six different types, some so tiny they could easily have been missed. Under the strawberry tree were three different kinds of fungi and a lot of them as well. The fungi ranged from tiny ones, less than a centimetre in diameter and height to large ones about 6 centimetres in diameter. The photo that goes with this blog post shows fungi which are almost transparent and they were about 2 centimetres in diameter although there were some even smaller. I have even see them growing between the paving stones. So when out for a walk look around you to find the beauty out there. Other peoples gardens are often wonderful to see.

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