When you feel down

I don’t normally write about myself as such because I write to inform, provoke thought or try to inspire. So this weeks blog is a bit different. My week has had an up and down feel to it with more downs than ups. So what do I do about the down parts? Mainly I try to get outside in the fresh air which generally gives me some energy back and I can get on with doing things I want to do. This does not always work though.

During the pandemic, things have gradually improved and we are able to go out but I don’t have a car so can only go where I can walk unless I use public transport which in my case is an 18-seater bus where social distancing would be quite difficult. I can’t share a car with someone else unless they are in my bubble. So I can go out with my son in his car as we are in what is termed a bubble, but he lives 40 miles away so visits once a week. That is good though and we went out earlier this week to a local nature reserve which I enjoyed. But this brings in another problem as my mobility is rather bad at the moment and walking even a short distance can be too painful. I have a mobility scooter but that won’t go in his car so if I use the scooter I am limited to local areas and the amount of time my hands will work on the controls.

I can sketch, paint, sew, knit, play the piano if I wish but these are all subject to the amount of pain in my hands. And I also have to feel motivated to do any of these things. One thing I have found that influences whether I feel down or not, is the weather. Today and several days this week, the sky is grey, cloudy and looking like rain. I shall feel much better when the sun comes out. I find the small things important, like seeing a butterfly or bee on a flower or watching the young birds squabble over the food on the bird table or in the feeders. These little things can help to brighten the day.

So I feel sympathy with those in similar situations and try to help others with my words when I can. So if you are like me and reading this please know that you are not alone. Let us look forward to a new world where we will have the help we need to enable us to fulfil our lives in a better way.

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