Hold Tight!

One eclipse gone by and a couple more to come in the next few weeks and most planets are retrograde as well. This kind of planetary activity brings chaos and upheaval with it so hold tight and stay strong.

Keep your mind open and take each challenge as it comes along. You may have to dig deep inside yourself to find your way but do this and stay true to yourself.

Our incompetent leaders bring us many challenges and we need to look at what is going on behind the scenes. The current situations give cover for underhand goings on as we well know from past experience. Search for the truth and don’t let the media mislead you.

Let your light shine, stay strong and true and see that there is hope for a better world. We can ‘birth’ this new world if we believe that we can do it so create in your mind the world you want to see and hold that image strong throughout this chaos and turmoil.

Sorry this blog is short but I have said what I felt was right to say for this moment in time.

1 thought on “Hold Tight!

  1. I was thinking about this recently. The world seems to have gone crazy, and so have some thing in my personal life. No stone is being left unturned it would seem. Blessings to you!

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