What happens next?

As the time of staying home is slightly differing we find ourselves able to go out and meet one other person as long as we keep our distance. But where are we going from here with our lives? How much have we changed during this time? Have we decided to seek a fairer world where there is respect and love for each other? Are we ready to change our ideas about fashion and beauty? Can we become better at eating healthily? Can we holiday at home instead of wanting to travel all over the world adding a large carbon footprint and contaminating the atmosphere? Can we walk and cycle instead of driving and if we have to drive can we use a car which does not pollute the air so much?

There are many other questions. Can we value those who do the jobs no-one else wants to do? The cleaners, the shop assistants, the postman, the paperboy, any others who deliver items for us and are generally low paid. It’s fine to clap on a Thursday to show our appreciation but many of these people would prefer a better paid job. We need to look at how we see people in our society and how we treat them. Just because someone is a cleaner it does not mean we can look down on them and see ourselves as better people. We are all equal in the eyes of God, Spirit or Source and we all have our purpose in life.

This is a short blog as I am tired and full of aches and pains. They too will pass like this time will pass and I hope we can look back at this time as a time when we were able to find out who we really are.

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