A roller coaster ride

Since the ‘lockdown’ (I do not like that word!) I have been writing more about what I have been doing during the week. This week has been like a ride on a roller coaster, something else I do not like to do!.

The week started well with a remote biofield healing. I ‘tuned’ in to this easily and it was a wonderful experience. However it brought up lots of things to deal with as any kind of healing energy does and I became quite emotional. There have also been lots of energy surges this week to amplify things even more. But I was coping reasonably well even though one of my neighbours was having work done which involved a lot of dust in the air. I stayed inside and left my garden to itself watching through the window.

I have a very large old hedge, an original farm field hedge which is thick and wide and the birds love it nesting there each year. My neighbour the other side of the hedge has been hacking at it for some time even though it is not his and yesterday everything came to a head as he made large holes in it. I spoke to him and he said he is putting in a large fence on his side. OK I can be happy with that but not the damage to the hedge especially in nesting season. I am very sad about this but know that the hedge will grow again but it will take some time to do so. I hope he puts his fence up soon to hide some of the damage as I can see through into his garden and I want to see my hedge not his garden.

I am trying to put a positive face on this but it is hard. I spend a lot of time looking through the window at my garden and especially watching the birds in the hedge. What makes people want to destroy some beautiful works of nature? I will finish now and hopefully next week will be more cheerful about things. Thanks for reading.

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