Staying home alone

A couple of weeks ago now I was told that because of my age I was expected to stay at home for 12 weeks. Last week everyone else was told to stay at home for 3 weeks so no-one is out and about apart from those doing essential shopping, collecting prescriptions and dog walking and maybe a few runners. Historians have asked that people and especially children, keep a diary of these times so that future generations can see how we coped or not. I do keep a short entry diary but my blog can serve as a record as well.

So what am I doing with this time at home alone? I am trying to keep to my daily routine for first thing in the morning as I think this is important so you won’t find me running around in my PJs! That might be a generational thing though. I was brought up to get dressed every morning after a quick wash and before breakfast. I was then ready for the day. So I have continued with this. I have a garden and have been growing seedlings indoors but putting them outside to harden off ready for planting later, but bringing them in at night. They need a lot of water too and after all the rain we had previously the ground is drying out and the pots need watering every day. I have also planted some pea seeds in a large pot so I will have garden peas to eat later in the year. I am going to plant some potatoes which sprouted before being eaten. They will be planted in a large canvas bag I bought some time ago for just this.

I have spent a little time playing my piano; my fingers only allow me about 15 minutes before they complain but I do enjoy it. I have been working on family history for a friend and also doing more meditation. I sit and watch the birds and butterflies and this is a form of meditation for me as well as the more traditional meditations. I have found that chatting to friends on the phone is important and as for those of us who live alone it is more important that texting or emailing although both of those are good as well. But they are not the same as hearing someone’s voice over the phone. I am also back to jigsaw puzzles. I love these and they can pass the time very quickly. But I am grateful for the fact that so far I am not ill in any way, physically or mentally and am coping although that could change over this long period of staying home alone.

So how are you coping? Are you catching up with old projects or finding new ones? I’d love to read your comments.

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