Life experiences

Life is a journey from one experience to another. We are born, grow into childhood then adulthood and later become known as elderly! But there are lots of experiences in between being born and dying. So what are these experiences and what do we learn from them? We learn quite early on that not everyone is a friend and not all parents are loving and caring. But what you learn from those kind of experiences makes you stronger and helps you to understand how others feel about their own situations.

I did a counselling course a long time ago and remember the tutor stating that I had obviously gone through some of the experiences in the course as I had a better understanding of them and would be able to help others go through these experiences in a better way. Grief is one of these experiences.

Over the years I have explored spiritual/esoteric matters in some depth and I am one of those people who believe in reincarnation. After all, we cannot go through all the necessary experiences that we need in order to make us whole, in one lifetime. We need several lifetimes for that. Some call these experiences lessons to be learned but I prefer the word experience because that is what we do. We experience love, hate, being poor or rich and being homeless or otherwise. It is only when we have experienced these things that we learn to understand them and so understand how others get into that kind of experience.

At a discussion group last year I was talking about the soul and soul plans. That had a very mixed reaction but I find it feasible that the soul does make a plan before it returns to earth. Everything we do in our lives is part of our learning and for me I think it is meant to be. We do have free will though and can make mistakes along our journey but overall I feel that a soul plan is something I believe in.

So if you haven’t stopped reading by now, then what do you think about reincarnation and soul plans?

4 thoughts on “Life experiences

  1. Thank you for insightful and inspirational post. I definitely believe in reincarnation and that we have, as you said, soul plans. This realm of existence can be equated to school. We choose to incarnate into this realm to have certain experiences and learn lessons for the growth and development of our soul. May your life be filled with love, laughter and many blessings.

  2. I have heard of reincarnation of course and I have an open mind about it, but I had not come across the term soul plan. A quick look on the internet brings up various people willing to do ‘readings’, but I wondered what questions I might ask myself to get an idea of my soul’s plan…have you any suggestions?

  3. Linda, thanks for your comments. There are many ways to find out your soul plan or souls purpose. I started with numerology, then astrology and finally meditation. I have also used tarot cards to help explain it all. Find what works for you but I feel you will intuitively know. What have you found that you love to do and find it fulfilling? Start from that and see where you go. If you need more then let me know. I’m on the OBOD friends forum so you can message me from there. Blessings, Gladys

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