Finding your way

Our current world is chaotic and it can be very hard to find your way through this chaos to find out where you are going. There can be many twists and turns on a spiritual path as you try one thing then another in an effort to find out which bits are for you. I started my spiritual path through Native American ways following the Medicine Wheel and I loved it. I also worked with a Native American teacher and learned to drum and enjoy ceremonies. But then I found druidry and so my path changed.

Even then, there were many little journeys to other interests, tarot, crystals, Reiki and many others. But I kept my core beliefs as a mixture of Native American and druid. But this has taken over twenty years to get where I am. So don’t expect to find the path easy. There can be times when you feel overwhelmed by the world around you, the everyday chores of living and you can then get depressed and forget your spiritual beliefs for a time. But when you return you can be renewed in spirit and move further along your way. There can be times when you doubt it all but once you get over the doubt you may find you are stronger and move along your path faster.

There are many who say that you cannot be true to more than one path but I disagree with that. You find your own way, what fits for you and what gives you joy as well. But how do you know what is right for you? I follow my intuition, my gut feeling if you like. It never lets me down unless I am very ill. I have a ‘system’ if you like about making decisions. If asked to go somewhere or give a talk or take someone out for a walk, then I know that if my immediate response is ‘yes’ then it is the right thing for me. If I dither and can’t make up my mind then generally it is not the right thing for me to do.

There is the other way too, does something or someone call to you? Do you want to do something very much or meet somewhere who you feel is important to you? Listen to these feelings, and act on them. Finding your way is not always easy and you can feel despair when things go wrong. Follow your intuition, your gut feelings and find your way safely. It’s OK to meander a bit like the streams and rivers.

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