Describing yourself – identity?

How do you describe yourself to other people? Often when filling in forms for various things you get an extra bit which we are told is for data information only. This extra bit asks if you are White European, Asian or African or various other ethnicities. I don’t like labels so do not like filling in these extra bits of information. I might be white and British but that is not who I am. There are many other ways to define me. At some point in our lives we all have labels such as son, daughter, mother, parent, grandparent and so on but these are only labels they do not define who we are and what our real identity is. It is the same with labels describing our jobs; teacher, builder, secretary, etc

In the past there have been groups to which people belong such as The Angry Young Men, The impressionist Painters and so on. But these are just a label too and don’t tell you much about those in these groups. I have what you could call a business card with my blog and website details. It also has the words, musician, author, druid, photographer and artist. Yet these words alone do not tell you who I am. So how do we identify ourselves not just to others but to ourselves?

I see myself as a nature lover, an appreciator of all things in nature. I am also an empath as well as the things mentioned on my cards. Together these give a small picture of who I am but there is so much more and it is difficult to describe yourself in only a few words. Like many others I am passionate about looking after our planet, about making my garden a place for insects and birds to thrive. But again this is only a part of me. I am a creator too. I create paintings, music, articles of clothing and accessories as I sew and knit. I also create books and blogs through my writing. So identity is something that is difficult to define in a good way. It is not about race, colour or whatever you believe in, it is much more than those things and something worth looking at in some depth. So how do you identify yourself?

1 thought on “Describing yourself – identity?

  1. Insecure, caring, thoughtful, practical, hard working, gullible, easily hurt, loving. Bit of a mixture really, as I suppose, most people are.

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