Taking action

First of all I would like to thank those who responded to my blog questions last week. It was interesting to read the various ways of looking at ‘ancestral memories or what’ and I am much happier with my interpretations now.

So today I want to write about taking action. It is fine to talk about what we should do and how to do it but actually doing it is a bit different. I know many who sit there and say ‘Well I’m alright so why do anything?’ To me this is not the right way to go. Thinking that you are OK is not enough. You have to think about others too as well as the environment which supports us.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at a fete in one of my nearby villages where a local group for climate change had a stand. We had a petition to sign to give to the parish council, asking that all new build homes were fitted with solar panels. We also had a petition for our borough council asking it to declare a climate emergency. There are quite a few cities and towns and some counties that have already done this. But even though the emergency has been declared you can’t stop there. Changes have to be made and we all have to make them not just sit back and let others get on with it. It is very easy to say we have a climate emergency then sit back and do nothing.

I am pleased to see that the supermarkets are starting to do their bit by getting rid of plastics and offering boxes for recycling stuff. So what can you do? Apart from doing your best with the recycling, you can spread the word to others. I recently wrote a book about changing yourself and the world around you. I have been giving these away to interested readers and told them to pass the book on when they have read it. But not everyone can or wants to write a book. I use the bus service to get to and from town so I chat in the bus queue. It is easy to bring the subject of plastics up and get people talking. It is like planting a seed then watching it grow.

So what are you doing? Not just about recycling but about other ways of living, food, clothes, and so on. I have used this photo before but if you have a garden then making it bee friendly is a good start.

2 thoughts on “Taking action

  1. Hi Gladys….we’re very lucky where we currently live, the local council (East Riding of Yorkshire) provides 3 separate bins (at no cost to empty): 1 for for glass, paper and tins; ! for ‘green’ compostable waste such as food waste and garden clippings; and 1 for things that fall outside of these parameters. At the local landfill/recycling centre, a notice says that 99% of material arriving there last month was diverted from landfill! However, as we advance in years, we are looking to move into a flat nearer our family on Teeside and here the provision is nowhere near as good.

    Like you, I suspect, we abhor waste….we only buy what we need and make sure that food doesn’t go to waste. Similarly, we don’t have a zillion pairs of shoes or changes of clothes, just what is practical and necessary.

    In our garden I no longer use pesticides…..true, I still use a herbicide where I have no alternative, but this is very infrequent and it demonstrates that I have to be practical sometimes. When I’ve had to use it, it has been applied in the late evening when insect activity is at a minimum and it can be absorbed quickly.

    We are members of Warrior’s Call and protest, as far as our physical situation allows, against the prospect of fracking. We have attended rallies and supported protector-camps, but now we are just too fragile to do this….but we still have a role to play; there is a valuable role for people such as ourselves to offer moral support to more hardy souls and to write letters to the powers that be. Also, my own spiritual daily evening practice is to stand outside and ask that there might be peace in each of the four directions.

    This is just a snapshot, but it illustrates that, no matter how young or older we are, we can all make a valid contribution to combating waste and taking a stand against foolish policies that will inflict damage long after we have passed.

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