Ancestral memories or what?

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster emotionally and many memories have surfaced but I don’t know how I got these memories. So I have spent time looking for answers but not really got those yet. Maybe you, my readers, can give me some answers.

Most of these memories are to do with World War II. I was born during the war in 1941. The war ending some few years later in 1945 and I remember the things that came afterwards quite well, like ration books for a start. I also remember the dried egg powder in the larder. I remember the siren telling us to get somewhere safe and the searchlights in the sky trying to trace the bombers.

But I have said for many years that I remember the bomb that dropped in the next street just a few houses away from ours. Later research has shown me that the bomb dropped one week before I was born. So how do I remember it? We did not have a bomb shelter and my mother always said she felt safe under the stairs. It was known as the glory hole and was not very large but you could sit in it. Imagine my mother, nine months pregnant sitting in there. How did she feel? Did her emotions communicate themselves to me? Is this why and how I can remember this bomb dropping close by?

I do know that I get claustrophobic in small spaces! Other than these emotional memories for that is what they are, I have very few memories of my life in a visual way. In other words I don’t have photos or see images from my past in my memories. There is a block there to these things.

I have looked at memories stored in the aura and in our souls but for me these mean more of a past life memory thing not what you could call recent this life memories. Did all this emotional stuff come from my mothers emotions when I was in the womb? If so did she carry similar emotions from her mother. My mother was born in the first World War so maybe these war memories are stored somehow in our genes. This is getting a bit deep so I will stop here but if any of you have any thoughts on this then please let me know. The photo is of my mother and my grandmother.

2 thoughts on “Ancestral memories or what?

  1. If a bomb landed that close to you, then you would certainly have felt it in the womb, so it could be a pre-birth memory.

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