Over the centuries people have fought for freedom and today some of us think that we do have freedom. but do we? The definition of freedom is the right to say, think,and act as you want. It is also a word used when someone has been freed from prison or from other places or events. People have fought for better housing, better pay, the vote for all and unions to represent us in the working place. This fight for freedom has gone on for centuries and still does.

But do we really have freedom? With freedom comes responsibility. We cannot act as we want if it harms others so we try to be responsible in our actions. The same applies to what we say or write. We avoid hurting people with words as well.

But are we free to do things that others do that are perhaps good things. The answer is no as some things are only available to those who have money. Look at our current Parliament. Would you be able to become an MP if you were for example only a labourer in a work force?

But we do have quite a lot of freedom generally. We can choose where we live and who we marry if that is what we want. But there are often other things attached to that. If you don’t have a car then you can’t live in some very rural villages even though that might be best for your health.

Also we conform to criteria of what is expected of us. We go to school and wear uniforms then later as teenagers we all wear the same kind of clothes because our peers do. Freedom is the choice to wear what you want so why conform?

But doing certain things like stealing breaks the law so you cannot do everything you might want to do. However if you are a considerate, thoughtful, caring human being who respects others and everything else on this earth, then you will not want to steal or send hate mail or do things that would upset others.

Many years ago I used to say that freedom was a state of mind. I suppose if you feel free then you are free. But we need to be aware that many of our freedoms are gradually being taken away from us, When you have to think what you say or write because the powers on high are watching you then that is time to think about how to change things for the better. I remember reading the book 1984. That future is here now. Stand up for your freedom and be counted. Vote for change for the better when you can and support others doing the same.

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