How often do you say the words ‘I appreciated that’ or ‘I really appreciate it’? What do you really mean when you say those words? According to various definitions of the word ‘appreciation’, it means to recognise and enjoy a good quality of someone or something. The word is also used where banks or politics are concerned when the word means an understanding of a situation.

On a personal level do you like to be appreciated for what you do for someone else or for your work? If you have put in a lot of work on something special it is good if someone appreciates the fact that you have worked hard to do whatever it is. It is a recognition of your hard work. So if someone says to you that they like what you did, is that also appreciation? I often ask people to read drafts of my books or review my new website to see if there are any errors, and I use the words ‘I would appreciate it if you did this for me’. So is appreciation also similar to gratitude or is it something different?

And how do you feel if someone says they appreciated something you did or having your company for a trip out? Did you feel better about yourself? Do you appreciate the world around you, the world of nature? There is so much to think about where appreciation is concerned and I have asked a lot of questions in this blog post. I hope you can answer them.



2 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. It’s a subtle difference but for me it means more than gratitude. More than just saying thank you, though that is always good!)…perhaps expessing that you’re fully aware of how lucky/blessed you are.
    I don”t always comment but do appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on his blog!

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