Unpacking, planning and joy!

Having completed the move to my new home successfully, there is rather a lot of unpacking to do. I have done quite well so far and the main rooms are not too bad. I can live in them and enjoy the light from the large windows and watch the birds in the garden. The rest of the boxes are in the room which will be a study and can be unpacked slowly.

I have really enjoyed the light of the sun and watching the washing blow dry on the line outside. Simple things, but things I have missed in my previous home.

I have also been planning, the garden for one thing and with the help of my son there will be a lot of plants to go in the garden which will attract butterflies, bees and other insects. A trip to Naturescape, a wildflower farm last weekend enabled me to buy more plants for this garden.

There are more plans such as finishing the book I was writing earlier this year and getting out and about as much as I can using my mobility scooter where I can. I am quite near the local country park which will be ideal for little trips when the days are good.

So I am feeling lots of joy and hope this will be my last move. I am going to enjoy my garden and the nearby park as well as the town park. What simple things give you joy?


2 thoughts on “Unpacking, planning and joy!

  1. So glad to hear that you are so positive in your new home. Enjoy it! Don’t overdo things and count your blessings daily, even when you have dark days.

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