Dealing with rejection.

I was unsure about writing this blog today as I am taking a few days holiday. However I started to write and then it suddenly disappeared as I touched some key or other on my laptop. So I will start again and see where we go.

Rejection is the act of refusing to accept, use, or believe someone or something. This can be as simple as a teacher not liking your answers but there are many examples of rejection n our lives as we grow older such as not getting a job we wanted or not finding the right kind of friends.

Although there has been plenty of rejection in my own life, the word ‘rejection’ is not one I had used until recently. Last week I was ‘working’ on dealing with unhappy events in my life when the word rejection suddenly appeared in my mind. Was that what it was? How had I dealt with it? Looking back I can see that although I felt very hurt by the acts of rejection, I carried on as normal and got on with my life. About ten years ago I did have a healing session with someone who dealt with such things but again the word rejection had not been used.

With some types of rejecting such as job rejections and assignment rejections it is easier to think what was wanted and then try to fulfil that for the next time. But there are other things to think about. I came a cross a meme the other day which I felt was important, the words on the meme being as follows; ‘Often when you think you are rejected you think that you are not good enough, but the truth is they were not ready for all you have to offer.’ I like these words, they resonate with me and I shall keep them in my mind when rejection occurs in the future.

I have to go now but hope some of you will comment and tell me how you deal with rejection in its many forms.


2 thoughts on “Dealing with rejection.

  1. Rejection has always been a difficult item in my life. As it is so closely connected with that pattern of ‘not feeling you’re good enough’, each time one gets rejected (be it in relations, friendships, workplace…) it has this huge effect. All my life I used to be heavily affected by rejection, it always felt so personal and so punished. Lately I am feeling that my authenticitiy is as valid as any one elses, and it is good to read that rejection is not always what it appears to be for us. Sometimes indeed, people are not ready for you, or even simply, some situations may not be what is best for you, or are not aligned with your authentic self. I guess the more we trust our authentic self to be good as it is (which doesn’t mean your lower self or ego) in our lives, the less rejection triggers that ‘not good enough’ pattern. You learn to deal with that and see it for what it is, and sometimes you learn from it, and sometimes you know it has nothing to do with your value as a person

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