Trying to stay positive

When you are surrounded by negativity, staying positive is definitely harder. Each day when I go to sleep I count my blessings and am thankful for all that I have in my life. If I stay in my flat all day and sneak out to the pond once in a while then staying positive is fairly easy. It is when I get talking to some of the others in this retirement village that the negativity creeps in. In a community of this size there are always bound to be those who moan continuously and those who are constant complainers. There are a few who are more positive but they are in the minority.

What is it about people that they are always negative? Nothing is right for them and they constantly go on about various events in a very negative manner. They seem stuck in their lives and unable to move beyond the negativity. I have tried to help with this but some are extremely resistant to change. I wonder what has made them like this? Getting old can be frightening especially if you are ill and/or alone but there are still many things in life which can be enjoyed. There is Bingo for those that enjoy it but some still find things to complain about with the bingo sessions. I really feel for these people as they are missing out on so much enjoyment in their lives. Trying to get them outside in nature by the pond is a no-no even though it is less than five minutes walk away.

So what can I do? I need to stay positive so I can help others but the resistance to any kind of change is so strong that it is unlikely to ever happen. I have lived in other communities but have not seen such a huge amount of negativity as I have here. Is this because the place is so large? Or is it just the people who live here? How do I get them to see that there can be more to life than sitting staring into space?  Even a walk around the garden would make a difference. I shall keep trying and smile at them more than I already do.


1 thought on “Trying to stay positive

  1. This is a tricky question and I see where you are coming from. Sometimes we need to try and rise above the negativity which could, all too easily, drag you down into a similar state of mind and that would be detrimental to your health. Perhaps a change of subject; perhaps a little levity; perhaps a deep breath and an inward focus for a moment to enable you to rise above it all. The hardest thing to do is to try and change their minds…..I know, I have tried. Better just to say nothing or even walk away, for a short time at least; go and look at the notice board, visit the ladies room, or walk across the room to greet someone who is, perhaps, sitting alone and needs a smile and a little chat.
    Part of the reason we move into a retirement village as we age is to have company and to dispel any loneliness during a difficult stage in our lives. If we are constantly fed negatively it will not be of any benefit mentally or physically.
    Keep up the walks to the pond. They will continue to refresh you. The peace is calming. And the passing dogs out for a walk with their owners can be a source of joy. They are so undemanding, so uncritical, so happy, most times, to be patted and taken notice of. And many owners like to say hallo as well. 😁.
    Peace to you my friend. Continue to love the folk you encounter. Even the negative ones.

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