Enjoying the sunshine

It was a beautiful day on Friday so I took advantage of this and went for a walk around the nature reserve. It seems like weeks since I last did this and I was definitely ready to be outdoors in nature. The sky was quite clear to start with and the sun was shining after a foggy start to the day. The walk around the pool was lovely with many different water birds to see. The undergrowth is dying back but there are fungi to see and lots of interesting shapes in the trees.

I especially needed this time out as the last couple of weeks have been quite worrying. My best friend of many years was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer when four tumours were found during an MRI scan for a back injury. This was a great shock to all of us but now we are getting over the shock and all are being positive about the outcome although we realise it will be a long and hard road. So the walk outside in nature was very special for me. It gave me a chance to get back some of my own energy and to reflect on how this situation has come about.

I find that listening to music also helps me especially the quiet soothing type of music and I have been using my adult colouring books as well. This can be quite meditative in some ways and time passes when you are doing something like that. I find the colouring books quite therapeutic. Of course Reiki has been a large part of my day too. This calms me and helps me to be positive about the future for my friend.

This morning the sun is shining again and I have arranged another walk around the nature reserve. Each day there is something different to see. I love to see the skeletons of the trees when their branches are bare of leaves. They have a beauty of their own standing proud against the sky. I wish that more people would see what is around them and acknowledge the beauty of nature. I recently set up a WordPress website for all my photos of the natural scenes around me here. It is http://thenaturalworldaroundme.wordpress.com

Enjoy the world around us while we still have it and fight to keep it as it keeps us alive.


1 thought on “Enjoying the sunshine

  1. Nature teaches us to accept change. It calms the soul. It refreshes a weary mind. When I am feeling down and introspective I find a walk around the nature reserve encourages me and lifts my spirit. The birds interactions and sounds, the movement of the wind on the water and the reflections give me plenty to think about. Meeting people walking their dogs and stopping to say hallo both to the dogs and their owners gives me great joy as I miss having a dog of my own.

    Soothing music, craft work and adult colouring books also help me get out of my pity party and passes the time in an amazing flash of time. They help me forget all my worries and troubles.

    Stay positive and keep walking in nature as often as you can. Definitely therapeutic.

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