Moving on

The weather this week has been stormy. Dark clouds rushing along in the sky and heavy rain showers. The leaves are being blown off the trees like magic carpets rushing along. But there are still many beautiful coloured leaves around and of course the weather is making the fungi grow.

But like the storm moving onwards, my thoughts have been doing just the same. I have been going deeper in Reiki seeing it more as a spiritual path than as a system of healing. I find myself drawn to the Buddhist aspect of this but know that Buddhism is not for me. I know others who manage to meld together various different spiritual paths and make it one of their own. In some ways I have done this, taking a lot of knowledge from the Native American paths and mixing it with druidry. Now I am adding the spiritual aspect of Reiki to the mix.

If you ask 100 druids what druidry is you will get 100 different answers and I feel this is the same with Reiki and other paths. We are all individual and we are all unique and therefore our spiritual paths are unique to us too. I find that I take from each path what I feel is right for me and then I have this mix of different beliefs and paths. Is this something that you do as well or do you follow a specific path?

I am also moving on into the darker months of the year as many of us are, when I feel I want to create more, to journal more and to be restful. Somewhere deep inside me, is the germ of another book but it has yet to grow big enough to do something about it. Maybe the darker nights will encourage it to grow. But life is a journey and it goes on every day bringing more experiences, more joy and often more sadness as you get older. I have reached an age where many of my friends have passed on. I have to dig deep and continue to do what I need to do and also what I want to do and progress even more on my path. Moving on is a continuous process. How do you feel about this process?



1 thought on “Moving on

  1. I agree that we each have to find our own spiritual path and we all have different needs and different perspectives from which to view our paths. I, personally, am a Christian with strong belief that Jesus died for my eternal salvation and that I must try to follow His example of love and service to the people who cross my path. This allows me to find my place most of the time and gives me reassurance when life brings its challenges.

    I am totally with you concerning the challenges of growing older and the losing of friends and family. Moving on is definitely a continuous process but appears to bring us to a standstill from time to time. It is during these times that I feel we need to stop and reassess ourselves both physically and spiritually. We need to find inner peace before we can pass on our peace and joy to others. When we find peace in our souls we can help others who are in a dark place. We need to be able to accept our weaknesses and try and embrace them and turn them into positives. Perhaps this is when your book will come to the surface and allow you to start on that new journey.

    Keep on following your journey to eternal peace my friend.

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