For the highest good and more

This week has been a week of deep thought and a week of asking questions. Thank you to all those who responded. My first question was what do you think  healing for the highest good actually means. Aristotle stated this ‘Men generally agree that the highest good attainable by action is happiness,’.. Your responses were different from this because healing was part of what I asked. I don’t like to use the word ‘healer’ because if I am ‘giving’ Reiki healing energy to someone I am only the channel for the energy which does the healing together with the person receiving it. I don’t necessarily ‘send’ the energy either. I ask that it be sent to the person who has requested it for their highest good. Only they and their Higher Self know what that is and we have to trust that the healing energy goes where it is really needed.

This brings me to other thoughts. How is healing different from curing? One definition I found was this one ‘Curing means “eliminating all evidence of disease,” while healing means “becoming whole’. I like this quote because it helps me to explain to others why I still have my various diseases but I feel I am healed.

Another thought was about the belief that disease starts in our auric bodies before it manifests in the physical body, therefore healing energy may go to these auric bodies not the physical body first. So someone receiving healing energy for a physical complaint may not feel any better and if they don’t have the right understanding they may feel disappointed.

My last thought was about healing lists of which I am a member. We often ask for healing for a specific thing such as depression, anxiety, fractures, and other physical ailments.I am guilty of this yet I know that the healing energy will go where it is needed most and not necessarily where we expect it to go.

So there has been a lot of deep thinking and I hope this blog is not too complicated to read. I would love to read your comments on all of this. Many druids become interested and work with healing energies during their Ovate studies and there are many different ways of  using healing energy for yourself and others. This blog is a brief summary of my own thoughts on this and I know I have missed a lot of my thoughts out as I didn’t want the blog to be too long.

1 thought on “For the highest good and more

  1. I too work with Reiki for the highest good. Part of my understanding is that by doing this we separate ourselves from the outcome and so our energy from that being channeled. I also believe that by doing this we bypass the demands of our minds ie the healing needs to be for x, y or z, as our minds do not know what we need. I talk to my students about letting the body intelligence work and feel this is all part of getting ourselves, our minds and of course those we work on, out of the way so we can treat the source not the result. I always send for highest good too even when in circles something specific has been requested. I’m not sure what else you asked now to be honest but do want to share the example I always use with my students to show how we manifest energetically before physically – if you burn yourself, immediately brush the energy quickly back and forth in the first layer of the energy field, blow on it, whatever you can do to clear the burn from the 1st layer, the blue print of our physical body before it has chance to manifest. This has to be done immediately, delay and it won’t work. The result is no burn, no blister, maybe just a red mark that fades quickly.

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