Doing too much

Last week I visited a friend staying for a few days. It was a busy but wonderful time. Other friends came to visit and we caught up with each others news as well as having deep discussions about everything spiritual and otherwise. London Midland rail staff were very helpful and I really appreciated this and told them so. The less said about East Midlands trains the better. I enjoyed visits to the local park where I was able to take some good photos, eat good meals and snacks in good cafes and the purchase of a lonely teddy bear in the charity shop who is now used for Reiki sessions.

I was rather tired when I returned home but happy and excited about plans I had made while away. My dark cold flat soon took the edge off the happiness and I found that the following day I was ill with vertigo. This often happens when I do too much. I keep going until my body makes sure I have to stop so stop I did. I am now recovering but not yet 100% but then again it is hard for me to ever be 100%. I do try to listen to my body and try to slow down when I feel the need to do so but sometimes it is much easier to keep going until I do have to stop. The excitement of writing new books for example keeps me going at a rapid rate until forced to stop. Looking back over the last three months I can see that the move to this flat was stressful, then the bathroom work was also stressful and travelling is stressful for me as well.

Maybe in the future I should learn to slow down a bit but I feel I still have so much to do, new books to write and Reiki to teach as well as other ongoing projects. Pacing myself should be easy enough but I do tend to go with the flow especially where words are concerned and writing. Do these kind of things happen to you? Does your body let you know when it is time to rest or take a break? Or is it just me?

A different heron photo from a different park taken while I was away. He was extremely well camouflaged in the willow tree but I waited patiently and did catch him when he put his head out!


2 thoughts on “Doing too much

  1. Rather like you….my body does tell me when it’s time to stop and, also like you, I tend to carry on regardless. My wife and I are doing a lot of weekend child-minding at the moment…it takes the intervening days to recover. As the colder, darker months arrive it would be a good plan to be more mindful. Perhaps part of being a wise older person is to realise that our bodies do know best!

  2. Listening to my body is also a struggle for me. My head and spirit are willing but my body says “no” and so, unwillingly, I have to take note. I am sure this is a normal part of aging and those of us who still feel we have a lot to give to life and others find it hard to accept. But we need to just take things one day at a time and make the most of each and every day. Be sure not to hibernate too much in the winter days and keep interacting within the communities where we reside. Gladys, you have much to contribute to your new community here and so just take it one day at a time.

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