Dealing with anger and hate

It is such a beautiful morning here in the UK. It was like this yesterday as well and I have always hoped that days like this make people feel happy and balanced. Not so. Recently I have felt anger around me, in shops, on the bus and in the town. It is like a huge volcano waiting to erupt. This feeling has been simmering for a long time. I first felt it a couple of years ago and have watched it grow and grow until it will soon erupt. But how will this anger erupt? Will there be strikes, violence, fighting or other things?

Some of this anger and hate seems to be erupting on social media. I have always tried to keep the peace and have often posted on social media trying to calm things down. This no longer works. I only hope that the anger is because people are waking up to the injustices of our world and not for other reasons. But much of what I see and hear is directed at people of other colours and this is so wrong. We have allowed the media to brainwash people into thinking they are the only ones of importance and that any one else is not worth thinking about.

But as I wrote in a previous blog post we are all connected spiritually and genetically, in Europe at least. Where have things gone wrong? How have we come to the point where only the rich matter, where those who are less well off are at the bottom of the ladder where health and a living wage are concerned. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening and we seem unable to stop this. Is this why people are angry? Hate is of course rising again like it did in the 1930s. We should be looking at the similarities between us not the differences. How can we help these people to release anger safely and to change from hate to love?

We have a beautiful world, let’s enjoy it in safety and in peace. Let anger wash over you and fade away, let hatred be changed to love. Let the sun warm your heart and mind and open it to the real potential that we all have, to find peace within us and in the world. It is time to live in harmony.

3 thoughts on “Dealing with anger and hate

  1. Thanks for being brave enough to stand this issue up for people. A former Prime Minister in the UK once said their was no such thing as society. If we are just individuals then the grave temptation is that it really does become survival of the fittest, wealthiest, healthiest etc. I saw someone this morning allow his dog to pee on the tent of someone sleeping rough….so sad. As you say, we are all related at a deep level. For me the health of a country can be measured by how it treats the less fortunate…be that in terms of wealth, health or opportunity. We are moving from the dark winter into the brighter days of spring…may we all be inspired to care. John /l\

  2. I think part of the problem is that the haters are making a lot of noise right now, but some of this is coming from troll factories, from people with money paying others to spread lies and hate… people radicalised by hate sites and so forth. The thing about hate is that it does not sustain a person for the long term, you can’t work with it, instead it will eat at the people manifesting it, and eventually, we shall overcome and get this world on a better footing.

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