News, change, negativity and more

There has been so much going on this week in my mind. First of there was Storm Doris who swept through our area at a rapid speed demolishing objects in her way and bringing down many trees. I had hoped that she would sweep away all the negativity but that has not seemed to have happened as the news is full of it.

I understand that good events are not good news but they should be. I can look at a newspaper and find lots of items about bad events but not very much about good ones. No wonder we all feel negative. I try not to get emotionally involved with the news but try to stand back and look at what is stated overall. Facts are important but we are now in the age of fake news. Journalists seem to have forgotten about truth and reporting in a factual manner but make up things to get good headlines and more readers even though some of what you read is blatantly untrue.

What sort of a world have we made? What happened to truth and compassion? How can we turn the negativity into positivity? Is it right to keep revisiting the past or should we be looking only to the future? Now that is a question that could bring a lot of discussion. What has happened in the past makes us who we are today but should it influence how we go forward and if so how?

We are going through a period of rapid change in our world. Change in the way we live, the way we travel and the way we spend money. We need to accept that without change we cannot grow. Change is a good thing not a bad one and from each change we make, we learn something which helps us to lead a better life. It is so easy to get in a rut and stay in what feels a safe place. Sometimes risks have to be taken in order to move forward. Please tell me your thoughts on all of this. I love to read your comments which often help me to change things too.


1 thought on “News, change, negativity and more

  1. Thank you for these thoughts….a lady whose way of life I respected and admired once described a rut as a grave without a lid! No-one would want to live in a grave but it’s clear that all too often our actions suggest that we do. Why…I suppose that we prefer things to come at us in a predictable manner. Sadly, we soon find out that life can never be fully predictable and this makes us anxious about change and how we might respond to different situations. We can’t prevent change happening….all we can do is try to ignore it, like the proverbial King Canute and the tide. I hope that as I’ve got older, and discovered and embraced a druidic understanding, I can engage with the changes that occur. Sometimes I have to reflect upon and respond to the changes that others are instigating, at other times I might feel moved to suggest change. Once we recognise and accept that change is an inevitability, perhaps there can grow a sense of hope that moves us from a place of fear and anxiety to one where we can ask ourselves how we might incorporate these different sets of circumstances. Not all change is for the better…but at least if our response is not from a position of fear and anxiety, we will be able to distinguish the difference.

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