A new calendar year!

Happy New Year to all of you. I did my usual thing this morning when I got up. Opened the front door to let the old year out, then opened the back door to let the new year in. Old habits die hard!

But what about this year of 2017? In numerology terms it is a ‘one’ year. The number one is about new beginnings, new projects, new ideas, new ways of thinking. First of all though you have to let the old things go, let the bad experiences of the last year go. I wouldn’t say forget them totally because you will have learned from them, but let them recede into the back ground and look forward to this new year.

For me I have to find some new ways of thinking about my health and ways to improve my mobility I have arthritis and a lot of muscle problems possibly what is known as either fibromyalgia or something similar, myofascial pain syndrome. This means that you don’t really know where the pain will strike next. This last week, it has come to my left hand side of my back and causes problems straightening up and walking. So I need to find new ways to deal with this. But there is so much else we need to find new ways of thinking for, a way to find peace in our world, a way through the large number of proposed changes which will harm our planet. Maybe we have to find new ways of fighting these.

Having hope is good but we need to find ways of bringing what we want and need into our lives. We need to stand together, to work together if anything is going to change On our own we can only change our life but together we can change many. New ways of doing this are important so there is much to be done.

So may you have hope, peace, joy, good health and more during this coming year.




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