What I am writing about this morning is something I have been thinking about for some time. I am a Druid and work alone as there are no Groves nearby. Most druids and many pagans celebrate the eight festivals of the wheel of the year. I always did this in the past but recently I have not been doing this as I feel that I celebrate the changing of the seasons in other ways.

As our climate is changing I sometimes think that celebrating on specific dates is not quite right. I spend a lot of time in nature and I notice when the seasons change and acknowledge this, sometimes by pausing and saying a few words and sometimes by just pausing for a brief moment of silence. For me this is more important than ‘doing’ a ceremony which can sometimes feel a bit false. I don’t need the candles, incense and other tools of ritual in order to acknowledge and give thanks for the changes in nature. I feel that I live each day as a druid and to me that is more important than a ceremony to recognise the changing of the seasons.

I have seen and been a part of many ceremonies which turned into theatrical performances. If you like that kind of ceremony then that is fine but it is not for me. Lughnasadh has just passed and I have already noticed the brown leaves on the ground, the elderberries, blackberries and rosehips as well as the reddening rowan berries which signify the coming of autumn. I have paused in my walks, touched these berries and given thanks for them. Need I do more?

I am sure that many of my readers will think differently but I would like to know your thoughts so please comment and enjoy your days in nature.monday5


4 thoughts on “Ceremonies

  1. Thank you for your candid honesty. I also am walking the Druid pathway alone. There is no other Grove nearby. There is a Grove about 300 miles or so south, but I have never been to a ritual, or gathering. For me, my daily practice is within my walks and visits in the woods with my black dog Buddy. I live in the woods, the trees, and wildlife are a natural part of who I am. I live and thrive only if the nature surrounding me does as well. If it is hot outside, I wilt slightly, like the daisies do. If there is a thunderstorm approaching, I get a sudden burst of energy. I move with the natural seasons as well. For me, I do not follow detailed rituals, with certain herbs or this and that. When it’s first harvest, it’s first harvest time! Of course, the iconic holidays must be kept on date! And I’ve been reading a lot about the Druid pathway this past year. Good luck, Thank you for posting your info!

  2. Rituals are used to make people of all kinds feel what’s happening in those particular
    periods of the year and put them in condition to be part of it.
    Instruments are not very necessary if you are alone or among other initiates, IMO.

  3. Your post resonated deeply with me as it’s exactly how I feel about my Druidry. Like Laurie, I watch the passing seasons through walks with my Irish Wolfhounds and my beautiful garden surrounded by trees. I have always had ‘things of nature’ in my house – a row of heart-shaped stones from the beach, sculptures of animals and birds, a jar of found feathers, a string of shells hanging in the window. I only recently walked around my house and noticed all these things and thought that maybe I’ve been a Druid longer than I think, and without any need for ritual or ceremony. I think It’s enough to be aware of the seasons and to react to them in the natural way that we humans are all capable of if we would just stop and listen to the wind.
    Blessings to you.

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