I have just spent a weekend away and in the village where I stayed, it was Open Gardens weekend. I love gardens so here was a chance to see what the gardens of other people were like. I visited twelve of these gardens and they were all so different. Much depended on the shape of the garden and its surroundings but it was so interesting to see what could be done with a little bit of imagination both in small and large gardens.

There were Buddhas, wooden toadstools and quiet zen like corners in many gardens but also seen were various cats basking in the sun and in one garden there were horses close by. Some gardens had views over the open countryside while others were enclosed by hedge and fences. But what a variety and what colours there were. Although there were many people going around these gardens there was often a feeling of peace and many had seats that you could sit on and reflect on your surroundings.

Do you have a garden? Is it quiet and peaceful? I ‘d love to hear about your gardens. Here is a photos from one of those I visited. There are many others on my Facebook page.


1 thought on “Gardens

  1. I work in two community gardens because I still live in the city. I don’t have a yard or green space near my apartment but the veggies and culinary flowers I grow in the community garden plots are delightful!

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