Noticing and seeing

I love to walk every day but sometimes the pain makes it impossible. However I do walk even if just around the streets and avenues nearby. But it is surprising what I see. I have noticed that the plants in people’s gardens are now in full bloom while some are fading now. There are leaves on the ground too, brown and yellow. When I get to a certain point where there are crossroads and a good view over the land in the distance I always pause and look at the scene in front of me.

Although there are lots of houses, there are also a lot of trees and in the far distance there are green fields separated by hedges. I can stand and look at this vista for ages trying to find different things to see. I do this when walking in the other direction as I live on top of a long expanse of higher land.

When I visit Trentham Gardens I not only look for butterflies and dragonflies but notice how the gardens change and how the lake is, whether it is calm and serene or whether there are ripples caused by the breeze. There is so much to see and each time I visit I see something new. But I also see lots of people just walking by and chatting and often on their mobile phones. They are missing so much that is around them but I suppose the good point is that they are in the open air and sunshine.

As many of you know I love taking photos and have been wondering about the best way to keep them safe and where I can look at them. Printing photo books can be expensive but I thought I would add bits of poetry to make it better. I like Haikus so that is what I have been using for my poetry. Here is one to go with a photo of a tunnel formed by trees.

Avenue of trees

Drawing me in and then through

Feeling their great strength.

But my photo today is of the view from the crossroads which I saw this morning.



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