So what does joy mean to you? For me it is a deep feeling of happiness and great pleasure. I have been having this feeling rather a lot since my move and it has to be something to do with my surroundings which are much different from where I lived before.

My surroundings are urban but there is so much green around too. One small thing which gives me joy is my walk down the hill to the retail park. I live in a street which has several other streets running parallel to it but with a street running across the top end joining them together apart from one street. This is linked by a path  across a small piece of land with trees and grass. There is a small group of trees, some currently full of blossom and daffodils, tulips  and now bluebells are opening up in the sunshine. I like to stop and admire this small plot of land every time I go that way. It brings me joy just to stand there and breathe in the scent of nature.

Following the path downhill I see willows and alder as well as other shrubs like brambles and a couple of small birches. At the bottom of the hill the retail park is edged with trees now all becoming green. They block out the traffic noise of the dual carriageway but they also give me joy as I have watched them start to awaken to the sunshine.

I suppose that I am a druid who is very much a part of nature. I love to just stand there and ‘be’,  listening, admiring and being at one with all that is around me. I don’t need to dress up to do this, I’d rather blend in with the land anyway so I really seem a part of it. My photo today is of the bluebells at the end of the street in that small plot of land.bluebells

So what brings you joy?

3 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Yes, joy for me is usually in the ‘little things’ especially in nature. Noticing the beauty and tenacity of things growing even in an urban environment..wild plants through the cracks in pavement or wall, small green spaces such as you describe. Also, things like crochet, stirring soup, a snatch of beautiful music…It is the moments when I truly ‘enjoy’ ie I am ‘in joy’, not conciously thinking about it.
    So glad you are enjoying getting to know your new neighbourhood. To be at home in the batural world is always to be at home isn’t it? Blessings x

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