Dilemma – toleration or ?

I had not thought of a theme for today’s blog until last night when my neighbour held  a long noisy party which lasted until at last 3.30 am. I live in a terraced house so we have small gardens/yards at the back. His small group of friends were either outside in the garden (must have been cold) or inside with loud music blaring. I suspect this is the usual Saturday evening for them so what do I do about the noise factor?

As a druid I believe in respect for others and toleration of others. But should I tolerate this or should I do something about it? I never see this neighbour in the week and there is a high fence between our gardens. When does toleration stop? When is it necessary to complain/discuss the situation and/or otherwise do something about it. The noise must impact on the neighbours on the other side and also those facing at the back.

Unfortunately I have not been here long enough to get to know any neighbours yet or it would be much easier to deal with. If it was a one-off party then fine but from the way the garden is laid out I suspect this is not so. There was noise last weekend but nothing like last night. So my dilemma is do I tolerate this or do something about it respecting that these people are young and possibly have no idea of the impact made.


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