Sifting through words to the truth

This week has been busy again but I have had time for thinking. One thing that strikes me this week is how the media choose what they want to tell us about and ignore other events that we should also know about. I’ve always known about this but it just seems worse this week.  I do not read the papers that I know change events to suit what their agenda is and who also tell lies. I try to only read what I know is a balanced piece of writing about an event. But what about those people who believe that what is in the newspaper is absolutely true. I have seen this happen when sitting on a bus and listening to someone reading a paper I would never dream of buying.This person believed every word she read.

If we are going to change our world then we have to listen to our inner feelings and thoughts about what we read and what we see on the TV. There are some good reporters but not many. There are those who edit their reports so that they only show the bad bits and not the good bits. Unfortunately unless we are present at an event we cannot know exactly what happened and if we were present then we may not want to talk about it.

So how do we sift out the truth from what we read and hear? I always seem to know what is true but this is because over the years I have honed my intuitive side so that it becomes easier to listen to. I always trust what I call my gut reaction as well and find that I am rarely wrong about things. But sometimes it can be easy to ignore the gut reaction and look at the logical side of things. But this can be wrong and I have found that experience in trusting my gut reaction has been important. How do you deal with what you see and hear about current events?


1 thought on “Sifting through words to the truth

  1. We also need to ask questions about who owns the media, and what view of the world they want people to take onboard, and why. Frightened people who hate and resent those around them are much easier to control.

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