The joys of Spring

I love the signs of spring and they are arriving quite quickly now. There are little green shoots on the hedge shrubs and although the January cold killed off some new shoots on the forsythia, it has now produced more shoots. The blackbirds were dancing around each other yesterday, two females and one male. One female kept hiding amongst the shrubs while the other one seemed happy to be pursued.

The starlings are showing their almost mature plumage with wonderful colours hiding but showing in the sunlight. But most of all when the mist clears the cobwebs are like jewels with drops of water hanging from them. The sun is warmer too and I was able to sit outside for a short while yesterday enjoying the sun and watching the life going on around me. Someone came to collect the rotary clothes line and while getting it out we disturbed two earthworms so we knew that there was life beneath the soil going on as usual.

I am still clearing out and various items are being given to other people and I feel so much better with this. I am looking forward to my new home near a large open space with lots of trees. I can see it now in my mind and see myself sitting there breathing it all in.

Have you noticed signs of spring where you live and if so what have you seen?


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