Spring cleaning

It is that time of the year when my mother used to spring clean the house. Curtains were washed, carpets cleaned and all surfaces cleaned and items no longer needed given away. Everywhere felt so much fresher afterwards and we were ready for new projects.

I suppose I am spring cleaning as I am sorting out items to keep and items to throw or give away. I have done well so far with giving away 3 items of furniture no longer needed. This has given me a bit more space so I can start to pack for my house move. I live in a small bungalow with very little space as I have a lot of books and craft items. Packing these is fine but where do I put the boxes? So questions I am asking myself are many. Do I really need to keep these copies of ceremonies from the 1990s? Do I need to keep old emails from people who are no longer with us? Do I really need to keep all these books and maps?

So how do I decide on what to keep and what to throw away or give to someone else? I have culled my books and maps drastically over the last few years as I have moved into ever smaller places so books and maps are not really a problem. The ones I still have are the ones I need to keep. But as my son says, I do have a lot of stuff. But that is because I have hobbies, I write, I read, I draw and paint, I knit and embroider and weave. All this takes space however much information I can keep on a computer I still need space for craft items. One thing I have learned about saving stuff on computers like family history is that you still need a hard copy just in case and I prefer to work on paper where family and local history is concerned.

So my spring project is to sort and pack ready to move to pastures new but also pastures old as I am returning to my place of birth and where I lived for over 30 years. But I feel better about the sorting out. It is leaving space for new things so I shall soon have as much as I always did!

How do you deal with all the things you collect for your hobbies?


2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. Oohh I have stashes of wool in at least 3 corners of our bungalow! I keep starting projects to use up those odd balls only to find I can’t complete without buying more, and of course there is always a half a ball left over…😒😉
    Spring cleaning might have to wait till it is a bit warmer but the sunshine is already showing up dust and marks that were invisible a few weeks ago!
    We have moved house quite a few times, but our last down-size was a big one. Eek!
    Wishing you calm & clarity as you pack and many blessings for your move.x

  2. Small flat, and a rag rugging habit, a wool stash, and several bulky projects on the go, plus I live with an artist and this is also the studio. I give away things i make, that helps with space, and I like making things for other people anyway. Visitors either tolerate the studio/livingroom/office/workshop/cat boudoir situation, or they opt not to visit much. I have to have review and remove sessions more than once a year though.

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