Sticks and stones and the water element

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’ is a well known saying but unfortunately not true as many well know. Words can hurt as they affect our emotional state and it is easy to let teasing words or words said in anger affect us. I know people who tease and keep teasing until the teasing becomes abusive. Some people do not know when to stop or when the person on the receiving end has had enough. And people often say things in anger that they don’t really mean but these can be hurtful all the same.

This ‘over the top’ teasing has happened to me recently, twice in fact. The first time the teasing definitely got out of control and became abusive then suddenly stopped possibly because someone else stepped in and complained. A week or so later more teasing from someone else but about the same occasion in my life and again, someone who did not know when to stop. It is easy to say keep away from these people but when they are part of a group that you are with it can be difficult. So what do you do?

Well, this is where the element of water comes in. Water is cleansing so a shower is good but with the intention that it washes away the negativity caused by the teasing. I also like to meditate using water sounds as a background and letting them soothe me and wash away all the bad stuff. I used to love sitting by a river or the sea and doing the same thing. Water not only cleanses but it refreshes and re-energises so that you are ready for another day. Smudging the aura with sage can also help. Do you know of other methods that you can use to heal the affect of abusive or excessive teasing?

On another note, this morning, the sun shone on the tree tops and chimneys but not on the ground. I loved it and tried to capture it so here it is.


2 thoughts on “Sticks and stones and the water element

  1. I hadn’t heard that saying for a long time & it cropped up recently on facebook. And totally agree with you, words can hurt in a way that can stay with you for a long time & go deep, long after a physical injury would have healed.
    Yes, teasing has to be finely judged & some people are insensitive. Sometimes you just have to say ‘I’m not finding this funny any more.’ Hope you managed to ‘wash it away’. I found that idea helpful.
    Lovely that the sunlight is growing stronger now & things are growing & showing their colours again!

  2. Writing down what was said and then burning it can be helpful. Time helps, too, although I am still occasionally haunted by things said to me years, decades ago. More dangerous when you value the person who wounds you, harder to shake off when you trust them in any way, so sometimes shaking off the words also calls for shaking off the person, seeing them as less valuable, less worth hearing, less trustworthy. That’s not always easy. The idea that it was ‘only a joke’ or ‘just teasing’ is an excuse that should not be tolerated. If someone is cruel, they are cruel, and whatever names they try to hide it behind, should not be allowed. if you aren’t laughing then it isn’t funny.

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