A few ramblings or possibly mumblings!

I have spent a few days away during this last week and they gave me a lot to think about. I found out how easily my stress levels rose when my booked transport did not arrive and had to be reminded which in turn meant that the coach had to wait for me. There is nothing more embarrassing than being late for something and everyone else is sitting there waiting for you. It took me until the next afternoon before I could really relax. On the way we had a lunch stop in a shopping village I know quite well. Luckily the developers had left alone many of the old trees so I was able to take some photos of them and talk to them as I passed by.

Last week I wrote about solitude, being lonely and being alone. I think I experienced all of these during my four days away. But I also experienced companionship with an old friend who visited me there. I sometimes wonder why I go on these holidays as they are not really what I enjoy but it does get me out of the house and somewhere different. Previous similar holidays have always been good as the hotel has always had wonderful landscaped grounds around them so there have been many trees to hug. This year the landscaping was far too new and not exciting at all. Plastic rocks in a man made narrow lake said it all.

It was good to see the landscape that I love as we travelled and it made me want to go back there to live. Although the landscape is industrial there are many wide open spaces and views of the open moorland to the north, something I really miss. After all it is home and I am thankful for the time spent with my friend.


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