Compassion and practicality

Earlier this week I wrote the following words;

‘Whatever your path may you have peace, may you have compassion for others, may you have joy and love, may you be thankful for what you have and may you bring love and peace into the world for others to share.’

Looking around at the UK this week and earlier this month I see that compassion is greatly needed for those affected by the floods. The amount of rain falling is unprecedented in many places and after soaking into the already saturated ground there is nowhere left for it to go. Streams that flood also drain into larger rivers and so on until there is nowhere left for water to go. However much you put up flood barriers, water will find the weakest point and those further downstream will be the ones to flood. So what is the answer?

You can’t argue with nature you have to work with it is the first thing to realise. But you have to look at the wider picture and think that if this is the weather we are going to have in the future then maybe we have to rethink everything we know. But at this moment in time practical help is what is needed. Many will have lost everything unless they managed to save things precious to them. But what is transpiring is that people are working together to help each other; communities whatever their faith are pulling together to help each other and those worse affected. It seems that it is only disasters that inspire us to work together. We need to learn to work together all the time, to help each other and to look for a better future.


1 thought on “Compassion and practicality

  1. Ironically, we send experts to developing countries to tell them to plant trees on the high ground to reduce flooding. We need to plant trees, to slow the water. We need our wetlands back, and our flood meadows, to safely absorb it, we need to stop building on the flood plains, and when we do build, we need soak in elements, not these hard surfaces from which water runs off rapidly. This has been known for years, if not decades. The knowledge of how to do this is plentiful, sadly what we lack is the political will and wisdom to act for the long term in sustainable ways.

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