Winter Solstice

Here we are again yet it seems not very long since we were last here. The shortest day and longest night are upon us. But somehow this year it does not feel like that time of the year. The weather is exceptionally mild and rather wet. The birds are flying mating games and the spring flowers are out.

In many ways I am not ready for this event but in other ways I have looked forward to it. The dark mornings and nights will become less so and it is one thing that keeps me going. The light will return, the child is born and I can look forward to the longer days.

Later this morning I shall be going to a service of seven lessons and carols. For me many of the carols are very pagan in origin and I love the singing. Afterwards there will be a village social where we share food and conversation. Events like this bring people together which is always a good thing. Sharing food too adds to the atmosphere. I may be a druid but I am able to share events like this. It is important to let go of any feelings against others at this time, to share, to look forward to the future and to respect the faith of others. We have much in common any way and we need to find those common aspects so we understand each other. Let’s use this time to make a better world. Happy Solstice to all my readers. May the returning light bring comfort, joy and love to you all.


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