Spreading love and peace

There seem to be more wars going on around the world than ever before. For centuries there have been wars and then we had the one war that would end all wars. Well, that didn’t happen as there have been quite a few wars since then. History just keeps repeating itself and we do not seem to learn from our mistakes.

As a druid I am all for peace and love, respect for others and a fairer world. Our thoughts are energy so thinking about peace and love sends ripples out into the world and reaches others often through their subconscious minds which in turn stimulate them to think about peace and love.

There are songs around, some of which have been around for years like ‘Imagine’ and ‘Love is all you need’. Keep singing these and it will have an effect but the more of us who do this, the quicker there will be change. All over the world are little groups of people doing this and each time we send out peace and love it moves through the whole world.

To change the world you have to be the change. Change the way you work with words and send positive thoughts of peace and love out all the time. It only takes seconds to do this. It is all about intent. Stand up for what you believe in and intend that the world is peaceful and fairer for all.

There is an old video on youtube worth watching. It is still relevant today

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-HbtxumvLM .


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