I feel a deep sadness at the reactions of many in our troubled world and I also feel a deep need for time in the woods to replenish my spirit. Earlier this week I penned a few words about my thoughts. Here they are:

Why do we talk with hate and fear?
It only breeds more of the same,
The words peace and love are what we should hear,
Peace and love in our name.
Let the words of peace ring out in the world,
Spreading far and wide.
Let the feeling of love spread out in the world
So we all stand side by side.
Respect and love for all on earth,
Let us value each others worth,
Peace and love spreading out to you
Hold it close, pass it on, please do.

If these words resonate with you, please share this blog. We need to stand together to stop history repeating itself yet again.

Let your love and peace spread out like the ripples on the water reaching all around the world.


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